Why can’t I add some items to my cart?

Because certain products - typically larger items - require manual quoting for their shipping cost.  This is because we aren't able to know upfront how much shipping will cost due to the complexity of such a calculation.

However, for such products, you may obtain a shipping quote and place your order by contacting us.

In fact, the Request Shipping Quote button which appears instead of the Add to Cart button, is designed to allow you to do just that.  After clicking on the Request Shipping Quote button, you'll be prompted to complete and submit a form which will allow us to email or call you back with a quote and ordering support.

In this manner, larger items will generally require you to place your order with our intervention.  But rest assured, we're very friendly and supportive.  So just use the Request Shipping Quote button on the relevant product page, or contact us, for further assistance with ordering large wares.

Is pickup or collection offered?

Generally, no.  We ship to you.

Where do you ship from?
  • We ship from various locations around Australia. This will vary from product to product.
  • We will automatically ship from the nearest available warehouse.
Do you have a physical storefront or walk-in showcase room?

No, this is an online shop only. We ship Australia-wide and - at our discretion - also internationally.

How long does shipping take?
  • Truly, shipping duration varies, but the vast majority of products dispatch and arrive within a few days.  All we can say is that the majority of our customers seem satisfied with shipping time.  We seldom receive negative feedback with respect to fulfillment times.
  • Please note that we may not dispatch until funds have cleared.  Thus, you must allow additional time for funds to clear.
  • Goods which ship from farther away and to regional areas may require longer to arrive.  COVID-19, industrial actions, and public holidays may also create additional delays.
  • Items may also be pre-ordered, in which case, they will arrive when they do.
  • We can advise estimated times to arrival (ETAs), but these are best estimates only.
  • We do not guarantee dispatch or delivery by a certain date.  We offer our services on a best-effort basis only.
  • In some cases, special express handling and shipping upgrades may be requested, but this will not be possible in every case.  You may contact us for more information.
How can I get tracking for my orders?
  • For the vast majority of orders, tracking is automatically emailed to you as soon as they are available, usually by the next day or so.
  • If you already had an account with us before submitting your order, then tracking details may also be posted to your account dashboard when they become available, again usually by the next day or so.
  • Please note that we may not dispatch until funds have cleared.
  • You may contact us for further information.
Do you offer warranties with your products? For what duration?
  • Yes, absolutely.
  • Full standard manufacturer warranties are offered.
  • The warranty period varies depending on the product.  The warranty period is often (but not always) provided towards the end of the product title, and sometimes provided in the product description also.  Otherwise, you can assume the standard Australian manufacturer's warranty applies.  You may contact us for further information.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all warranties are local to Australia, meaning no extensive delays associated with shipping overseas.
  • Some products, such as notebooks, may have additional paid warranty extensions as an option.  You may contact us for further information.


Do you offer Afterpay?

No, we do not offer Afterpay on our website currently.  However, we do offer Zip, which is an Afterpay alternative, for purchases of up to $250 in value.

In order to use Afterpay, you can purchase from our eBay store, noting however, that our eBay prices are a little bit higher than those on our independent website, in order to cover our eBay selling-related fees.

Do you sell to international customers?
  • Yes, we do and we can sell to international customers.
  • International customers may nominate to have goods shipped to a freight forwarding company.
  • However, a requirement for international customers is to pay by either PayPal or international bank transfer.  We do not accept credit cards from international customers.
    • If opting to pay by international bank transfer, then you must factor in conversion fees and other costs deducted, as we do not cover such fees.
  • International customers should also note that we will ship to you or your freight forwarder using our own shipping arrangements.  You will not have a choice in the shipping company that we use.
What does this abbreviation stand for/mean?
MOQ Minimum Order Quantity applies to purchases of this item.
NQR Not Quite Right. Full warranties usually still apply unless otherwise stated; refers to new or near-new, fully functional goods. Common NQR scenarios include items which have served as ex-demos/display models, may be out of their original box, or have superficial box damage; check with us for specifics.
OEM Here and everywhere else, OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer". OEM components are official, genuine-branded parts (new and complete with standard warranties) that are packaged in a no-frills fashion, as they were originally intended for for distribution to companies who build systems. However, the computer industry does not enforce who can or can't buy OEM wares, so home users, feel free to take advantage of the economy of no-frills packaging for your favourite brands.
Do you offer computer repairs?
  • No, we do not offer computer repairs.  We are not a computer repair shop per se.  We are an online computer retailer.
  • Repairs may be offered in relation to warranty servicing, but in most cases, this is performed by a qualified third-party, often the brand authority themselves.
Do you offer Apple/Mac products?

Not now; maybe in future.  However, we do offer third-party accessories that are compatible with Apple devices.

How do I use the wishlist feature?
  • The wishlist feature allows you to create lists of products that you are interested in, for ongoing reference.
  • As a bonus, you may share those lists with others, including the store.
  • The wishlist be an effective tool to use for enquiry purposes as you can share the wishlist link with us when seeking quotes or for consultation purposes.
  • We recommend registering a customer account so that all the your wishlists can be saved onto our server and accessed from anywhere when you log in to our website.