About the Silicon Harvest Affiliates Program

Welcome to the Silicon Harvest Affiliates Program for content creators.

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  • Make money just by promoting and linking our store on your blog, website, social media page, YouTube channel or Twitch stream!
  • Earn 0.5% commission on all referred sales![1. Subject to change in future without notice. Exceptions and variations apply.]
  • Absolutely FREE to join!
  • Refer yourself!  You can earn commissions on your own purchases![2. Restrictions apply.]
  • As a loyal member (>1 year), receive exclusive coupons to use at the store for yourself.
  • Earnings scale very well if you have a lot of website, social media, YouTube channel or Twitch stream traffic!
  • Don’t depend only on donations from your viewers!  Unlock alternative earning streams!
  • READ ON to learn more.

Terms and conditions apply.

What is the Affiliate Program and who is it for?

The Affiliates Program is free and open to anyone with a claim to a significant internet audience[11. Exclusions apply, namely to those who represent store competition and antagonistic interests.], be it a blog, a social media page, or a YouTube or Twitch streaming channel. It has the dual goals of helping to deliver sales to our store, as well as helping creative content creators to support themselves financially.

Under our Affiliates Program, you, the successful affiliate, would be paid a fixed percentage commission of 0.5%[1. Taxes and shipping are excluded from commission calculations.],[12. Product-specific exceptions or variations may apply.] for each sale you successfully deliver to us[2. Conditions apply.], as tracked by our referral system.  For example, suppose you successfully delivered us a sale of a $1000 notebook.  You would earn $10 on that sale as your commission.

How does it work?

  1. You generate a unique referrer’s link in your Affiliate dashboard.
  2. You share this link to your audience routinely, proactively and opportunistically.
  3. When audience members follow up the link with a purchase, you will be rewarded 0.5% of the sale as commission.[3. Successful tracking of referred purchases relies on the referee having cookies enabled in their browser.]
  4. You can track your earnings in your Affiliate dashboard.
  5. Your earnings will be paid to your PayPal account, less the PayPal fees incurred in our doing so.

Am I allowed to refer myself?

Yes – consider it a perk – but with limitations.  Simply purchase using your own referral link.  The limit kicks in where we perceive you to be purchasing to competitive commercial effect.  Goods purchased using referral links may only be for personal use; you must not sell on any of our goods.

How much will I earn per sale?

Commission will be paid out at 0.5% of sale, excluding taxes and shipping. Note that some product exceptions and variations may exist. 0.5% may not sound like much at first, but that is actually a lot in our industry, and if you want to hear the case for it, read here.

When do I get paid?

The payment cycle is not unique to individual affiliates.  Rather payments are synchronised for all affiliates.

Payment is manual at this stage, which likely means it will be made at irregular intervals, although we will do our best to make them regular. In the meantime, you can track your earnings in the Affiliate dashboard. The reason for this is that we need to be sure the purchases have been consumated, for validity ascertainment purposes. We have a non-refund policy which means that purchases and therefore commissions will not generally be reversed, but should we need to refund for warranty-related reasons, we may need to cancel comissions.

At this time, we have not established a routine payment date, but we aim to pay out at least once every quarter (3 months). When the program has enough members, with high enough referral activities, we may progress to making payouts once per month. Note that the minimum payout is $50.

When do I not get paid?

  1. Program Abuse

    If you are found to abuse our referral system in a way contrary to the spirit in which it was intended to be availed, then we may cancel payments.

    One form of abuse with which we are familiar is competitive abuse – namely, the selling of our goods onto other consumers.

    Another nefarious form of abuse is fraud, whereby the offending affiliate fakes purchases in order to secure commission and attempts to have them refunded afterwards.  Be warned – we know about this and we know it when we see it! Please note that as a part of the terms and conditions of being admitted into the Affiliates Program, all affiliates accepted legal liability for any fraud on their part.  Offenders can be prosecuted, and legal fees recovered at their expense.  This sounds a bit unfriendly, and is not intended for most honestly-behaving folks – but it has to be said as a deterrent and a reminder to those who think they can game the system and abuse the good will of Silicon Harvest.

  2. Where the store’s profit margins are negatively implicated to an unsustainable degree

    We do our best to implement one universal rate of commission. But for a small number of products, commissions may impact the store’s profitability so much so that we cannot allow it.

    We may be able to implement product specific-commission rates as a compromise, or we may not. But where this occurs, please accept our apologies and rest assured, this is not a common occurence.

    In cases of miscalculations or errors on our part that harm our store’s profitability, as well as system bugs and refunds – we may exercise our right not to honour the commissions in question.

    Let it be stressed that the program is being offered to you in good faith.  It is our intention to honour commissions on every converted referral by our affiliates.  We want to reward you for helping our growth. We believe you should share in the spoils of success. But we also need to do this in a sustainable way that safeguards the store against the erosion of its profitability.

How will I get paid?

  • By providing your PayPal-associated email address, you authorise and enable us to pay to your Paypal account.
  • Payment consists of the sum of outstanding commissions, less any PayPal fees incurred by the store in order to make the payment.
  • The minimum amount payable is $50; if we do pay out at any less, that is at our sole discretion.  We may rather choose to defer your payment until such a time as you have earned $50 or more.

Howcome my earnings don’t add up?

Because a select minority of products may have zero or reduced commissions for the reasons discussed above.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who is well-followed by and produces creative online content for a significant Australian audience, and who does not represent store competition is eligible for the Affiliates Program.

The reason why you should have an Australian audience is fairly logical – most of our customers are Australians, since we are an Australian-based store.

We don’t have a cut-off point as to how large your audience needs to be, because we also want to encourage new content creators with a smaller audience, and allow for their growth. However, the larger your audience is, the more you will get out of this program, since your earnings scale with your audience size.

Are there any ongoing conditions of membership?

Yes, inactive members who have no activity (no sales) recorded for several months may have their membership revoked. They would be able to reapply, but should they demonstrate inactivity again for sustained periods, may become permenently ineligible. For full terms and conditions, go here.