PC: Custom Snow Camo, Ryzen 7 3.7GHz, WIFI, RTX2080, 16GB, 500GB M2 SSD, 700W, W10H

$2,999.00 inc. GST

Rare!  PUBG and FPS fans are going to love this one!

Featuring a rare custom-modded H440 NZXT case: military snow camo.

Case modded by a combination of spray-painting and hydrodipping – using automotive paints, finished with a matte coat and a weathered look.  As of time of listing only one-of-a-kind ever created.  Due to the labour-intensiveness and skill required to mod cases in this manner, it is rarely seen on the market.  It is estimated that 3-4 days of labour was put into case modding and the build.  This is why bespoke cases of this sort are so rare.  It takes a dispropportionately great amount of labour to produce them.

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  1. NZXT NZT-CA-H442W-W1, White & Black H440 Mid Tower Chassis (USB3), 1 Year (MODDED: Military Snow Camo)
  2. AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Processor 16MB Cache 3.7Ghz AM4 8 Core 16 Thread Desktop CPU (with Wraith Prism CPU fan)
  4. 16GB memory, consisting of 2x Adata 8GB DDR4-2666 AD4U266638G19-R memory
  5. Galax RTX 2080 Super EX Gamer – 8GB/1845Mhz/Triple Fan/DP*3/HDMI/Aurora RGB Lighting/White – 28ISL6MDW7WN
  6. Adata XPG ASX8200PNP-512GT 512GB SX8200 Pro M.2 NVME SSD
  7. Corsair Air Flow 120mm Fan Low Noise Edition / Blue LED 3 PIN – Hydraulic Bearing, 1.43mm H2O. Superior cooling performance. Three Pack!
  8. Corsair Air Flow 140mm Fan Low Noise Edition / Blue LED 3 PIN – Hydraulic Bearing, 1.43mm H2O. Superior cooling performance and LED illumination
  9. COUGAR VTX700 700W 80+ BRONZE PSU
  11. Labour for assembly, installation and configuration
  12. Labour for case modding: military snow camo
  13. 12 months return-to-base warranty


Q1: Is this product brand new?

A1: Yes, absolutely.  This product was assembled from brand-new parts.  The case is also new, but custom-modified to have a snow military camo skin.

Q2: How was the case modified?

A2: The case was modified by manual labour, using a combination of spray painting and hydrodipping.  It is estimated that several days worth of labour was put into the case alone.

Q3: Is it possible to pick up?

A3: Optional free pick-up is available from Marrickville NSW, 2204.  If opting for pickup I will waive delivery fees.

Q5: Are returns accepted?

A5: No, this is a legitimate auction and returns for change of mind or buyer error would not be accepted.

Q6: Will the warranty be upheld if I further amend the build?

A6: Overclocking by the user necessarily voids the warranty of certain parts.  (It has not been overclocked by default.)  The addition of water cooling also exposes the system to obvious risks and therefore obviously has implications for the warranty.  Using the graphics card for mining purposes may also have negative implications for its warranty.  If the build is not changed or tampered with, then the warranty holds for 12 months (return to base at Marrickville, NSW 2204).

Disclaimers/terms of purchase:

  1. We purposely conserve labour on the interior of the case as it is not visible to the outside and is a way for us to keep the costs of labour down.
  2. Interior of the case panels may bear residual ink debris, which is considered to be a non-issue as they cannot be seen in typical use and are part of the charm of manual artistic production.
  3. For some of the foam padding inside the case, we may leave masking tape on because removal would compromise the foam itself.
  4. We are unable to offer refunds, however, the case is under a 1-year warranty which is assessed against the original state in which the product was sold.
  5. Warranty is offered on a return-to-base basis.

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PC: Custom Snow Camo, Ryzen 7 3.7GHz, WIFI, RTX2080, 16GB, 500GB M2 SSD, 700W, W10H
$2,999.00 inc. GST