Gift Wrap and Gift Note

$20.00 inc. GST

The merchant will gift-wrap and include a gift note.  Whilst you cannot choose the exact colours and design, the merchant will do their best to choose something universally agreeable.  A photo will also be shown of the wrapped goods before it is sent.

This option is available at $20 per 3 small items[mfn]Small items: computer peripherals and accessories, books, etc.[/mfn], or per 1 larger item[mfn]Larger items: PC cases, printers, etc., or anything larger.[/mfn].  So if you are buying more items, you will need to add additional quantities of this service in your cart.

Please choose a short message which you can leave in the Order Notes field in the checkout form.  As a rule of thumb, the message should be kept under 255 characters including spaces.  Remember, this is a gift note, not an essay!

Depending on the scenario, the gift “note” may take the form of a small note or a standard-size greeting card.  At this stage, the buyer cannot choose which.

The gift wrap/note option may not be possible for all manner of goods[mfn]At this stage, desks, chairs and similarly-bulky items are excluded for obvious reasons.[/mfn], and is to be discussed with and agreed upon by the store before you submit the order.

Any stock images shown on this page are for illustrative purposes only and should not be interpreted literally.

Also available: talk to us about purchasing gift cards available in any monetary amount chosen by you, starting at $50.


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Gift Wrap and Gift Note
$20.00 inc. GST