Vogue Spare Nozzles & Rubber Seal AB088

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For Vogue Cream Whipper CB162 and GG485

Tabled Specifications

Create a variety of intricate patterns and designs with this wide assortment of Vogue cream whipper spare nozzles. Suitable for use with the Vogue cream whippers (Product Codes: CB162 and GG485), these nozzles will expand the uses of the whipper to allow for a more diverse range of attractive effects, helping you to create impeccably presented dishes quickly and easily. Also included is a rubber seal to ensure contents stay fresher for longer, reducing wastage to lower costs to your business.

Product features

  • Weight 40g
  • Four dispensing nozzles
  • Rubber seal maintains freshness
  • Create several attractive patterns and styles
  • Ensure effective portion control
  • Reduce plating times
  • Suitable for use with the Vogue Cream Whippers (Product Codes: CB162 and GG485)

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