Vogue Heavy Duty Sieve 160mm C787

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Size: 160(Ø)mm | 6(Ø)”

Tabled Specifications

Make sure your cakes are light, fluffy and perfectly dusted with this heavy duty 160(Ø)mm sieve from Vogue. Boasting a tinned double mesh, the sieve ensures your ingredients are finely sifted and lump-free, helping you add that perfect sprinkle of dusted icing sugar, chocolate powder and flour to your dishes. It can sift and strain large quantities of ingredients at once, drastically improving the efficiency of your food preparation. Featuring a high quality wooden handle, the sieve is also incredibly secure and stable in the hand, helping you perform lengthy tasks with great comfort and ease. Completed with two convenient hooks, the sieve can be rested over a bowl or pan, freeing up both hands to allow for effortless pouring and mixing.

Product features

  • Material Wood Handle
  • Weight 170g
  • Tinned double mesh
  • Sturdy flat wooden handle
  • Two resting hooks
  • Easy to clean

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