Do you have a physical storefront?

No, this is an online shop only.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from various locations around Australia.

Is pickup offered?

No, we are unable to offer pickup at this time.

Do you offer Apple/Mac products?

Not now, maybe in future.

What is the scope of your offerings and services?

Products we offer:

  • PCs including wholes, parts and peripherals, for both laptops and desktops, as well as servers
  • Gaming consoles and games (for major platforms including Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox)
  • General household consumer electronics (limited but expanding range all the time)
  • Movies, TV and programmes on DVD/Blu-ray

Services we offer:

  • Custom PC assembly
  • Paint modding (hydrodipping and re-colours) for desktop PCs and gaming consoles
  • Fast drop-shipping Australia-wide
  • Australian warranty repairs/replacements (via distributors and manufacturers)

What we DON’T offer:

  • Computer repairs for products not bought from us
  • Computer repairs for products bought from us but which do not fall under the scope of warranty
  • Vinyl wraps (— we only do hydrodipping/paint mods as far as cosmetic surface mods go, and only for gaming consoles and PC cases)

Where can I find coupons?

We already set our prices at rock-bottom, so we seldom offer coupons. This is actually better for our customers because we believe you should get the best prices without the hassle of coupons.

Rarely, when we do offer coupons on special occasions, it is usually in association with our PC gaming blog and YouTube channel, so make sure you are subscribed to be in the loop.

I’ve seen/heard about you on Ashen Glow Gaming YouTube and/or Ashen Glow Gaming blog. Is this the same organisation?

That’s correct; we are the official store in association with Ashen Glow Gaming Channel. Some of the revenue from this store goes towards funding the media channel. So spending with us helps creatives in PC gaming!

What is group buy and how does it work?

Group buy is a wonderful way for you to take advantage of volume pricing – granting you access to the sort of heavily discounted prices that only bulk purchasers could dream of once upon a time.

Group buy deals are offered on the condition that the order will only be progressed if the target number of sales is achieved.

Customers submit their pledges (i.e. their payments), and in the event the target number of sales is not met by the deal’s expiry date, customers are fully refunded. So either you get the goods at that highly attractive price, or you get your money back. Group buys take advantage of economy of scale and are usually significantly discounted relative to normal market rates.  See further conditions.

You can follow the progress of the group buy with reference to the progress meter displayed on the offer page.  When the meter is full, payments are automatically finalised, and the goods dispatched.

As regards group buy, why is an upfront pledge necessary before the offer is formalised?

The negotiation of prices, the securing of large quantities of goods, and the research and formulation of quotes is hard work, and suppliers are reluctant to even consider it unless consumers like you demonstrate that you will hold up your end of the bargain. As well, pledging upfront gives your co-pledgers the confidence that people are serious and prepared to put their money behind the initiative, so that others may follow suit and consummate the deal.

Once I have pledged to a group buy deal, can I withdraw?

No, but you may still get your money back if the group buy sales target is not reached by its expiry date.

Allowing people to withdraw on a whim would cause chaos and create an undue amount of administration and third-party charges to the store, as well as inconveniencing your co-pledgers. Essentially, it would unravel this whole format of buying with all its amazing benefits for everyone, and therefore we’ve decided to make pledges an irreversible stance – unless the deal falls through of course, in which case you’d get your money back.

There is only one exception to the rule – if the store should decide to extend the offer duration, as rarely happens when the target is very close to being achieved on the eve of the offer, then all pledgers will have the option to withdraw if they so wish.

Where can I learn about your affiliate program for online content creators?

We’re glad you asked — right here.