Kalugi, an online store, brings you the best in computers, catering equipment, DVDs, video games, books, and more. The scope of our computer offerings is very broad. We cater to everything from home use and gaming through to business, institutional use and commercial and server operations. We also offer PC parts, assembly, and cosmetic customizations.

We ship Australia-wide, but also accept International orders on a case-by-case basis. As a service, we also offer assembly and cosmetic customizations for PCs.

Please note, we are strictly an online store – products are shipped to your nominated address – we do not offer pickup for computer hardware. There are some possibilities for picking up catering/kitchen-wares, particularly fridges/freezers, commercial machines and catering-related furniture – but only in QLD and NSW and only for select catering products.

Background and Affiliations

After the cancelled launch of Ashen Glow Gaming media channel in 2017, a PC gaming hardware store of the same name was started in its place. The store was later rebranded as “Silicon Harvest” in 2018 in order to expand its scope to all computing. In 2019, the store underwent yet another rebranding to reflect a further broadening in scope, this time, one that would see the store offer all manner of goods.